Business segments of Lloyd Fonds AG

Lloyd Fonds AG has been listed on the stock market since 2005 and since March 2017 in the Scale segment of Deutsche Börse, in Frankfurt.

Broad support at the 2018 annual general meeting for Lloyd Fonds AG’s reposition as an active asset manager.

The aim of the reposition is to establish Lloyd Fonds AG as a leading asset manager in Germany in the medium term.

Lloyd Fonds AG’s new business model is based on three pillars: LF Line, LF System and LF Assets. LF Line will be designing Lloyd Fonds retail funds featuring active asset management. LF System will be providing customers with optimized asset management based on a digital portfolio algorithm. The main focus of LF Assets is on individual, direct asset management for wealthy and institutional customers as well as family offices.


The LF Line is to comprise a clearly structured range of open-end investment funds for a broad retail target group, actively managed by experienced asset managers with clearly defined investment goals, transparent return and risk profiles. A total of up to fifteen different funds are to be established as equity, fixed-income, mixed and open-end real estate funds. Investments in exchange-trade funds (ETFs), i.e. index-oriented passive investment products, are not planned.

The second pillar of the new business model, LF System, entails the development of digital portfolio management. Using an innovative algorithm, digital portfolio management will define the optimum composition of a fund portfolio based on each individual risk profile. Developed by Lloyd Fonds, the algorithm will have access to a universe of more than 2,500 retail funds all of which are actively managed by third parties.

LF Asset, the third pillar of the new business model, entails classic product offerings for family offices, wealthy customers and institutional investors in the form of individual and direct asset management. This is to offer customers integrated solutions on a multi-generational basis in a personal dialog.

Testing operations and the market launch with all three asset management pillars is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2019.

In addition, Lloyd Fonds AG currently manages 42 funds in the asset segments Real Estate, Shipping, Aviation and Other Assets. Each of the business units is managed by a team with many years of experience and networks in this market.

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