Our company is not obligated to anyone. It is only committed to you and your assets.

Since 1995, we have been working in harmony with our clients' interests. Today, as a bank-independent fund and asset manager, we combine human expertise with algorithmic execution as well as many years of experience with digital innovation.


As an innovative company with innovative products, we actively manage with a clear focus, and make an impact.


We use more data and more innovation. We are digital, communicate transparently and are listed on the stock exchange.


We create value by combining service excellence with the best possible product performance for our stakeholders.

Business model

LF Line, LF System, and LF Assets: These are the three pillars of our business model. From actively managed investment funds and digital wealth management to integrated, cross-generational asset management for affluent private clients, institutional accounts and family offices. We offer everything you need to reach your financial goals.

We Actively. create More. Value.

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We offer a coordinated range of actively managed mutual funds that all follow a clear alpha strategy.

Michael Schmidt
CIO Michael Schmidt


- Open securities funds

- Equity, bond, mixed and special funds

- Investment strategies by active fund managers

- No ETF offering

- Use of LF Digital Asset Platform 4.0

Active Asset Management

Our investors’ needs are as varied as their goals. Therefore, with LF-Line we precisely offer coordinated open investment funds for a broad audience. The funds are actively managed by our experienced fund managers based on their differentiated risk profiles. Equities, fixed income funds, and mixed funds, as well as our careful individual selection of securities ensure the coverage of various investment objectives. Investments in ETFs (exchange-traded funds) will not take place.

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We have developed the continuously learning algorithm that optimizes the portfolios of our clients on an ongoing basis.

Lasse Linzer
Head of Product
Lasse Linzer



- Asset building in individual custody accounts

- Controlled by LF portfoIio algorithm

- Investment universe with > 7,500 mutual funds

- Risk management with ongoing portfolio adjustment


Digital Asset Management

With LF-System we offer digital asset management in the form of a LF-Securities Account. A unique algorithm identifies the optimal composition of your portfolio individually, based upon your personal risk tolerance. For this, mainly actively managed investment funds are used. Our algorithm continuously monitors your portfolio and automatically adjusts the fund allocation when necessary. Your individual risk-bearing capacity will not be exceeded.

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A partnership-based cooperation with our clients is essential and self-evident for us. Finding customized solutions is a part of this.

Thomas Lange
Executive Director of Lange Asset and Consulting GmbH.
Thomas Lange


- Holistic advice for wealthy clients 

- Implementation of individual customer goals 

- Market selection through LF know-how 

- Direct investments, funds, real estate 


Individual Asset Management

The needs of affluent private and institutional clients as well as family offices are at the center of LF Assets. We advise you in a holistic and sustainable manner – and always with greatest care in order to maintain and increase your assets in accordance with your goals. With that in mind, we develop solutions that meet your personal requirements. We also consider investments in tangible assets, in particular in real estate, as well as fund products and direct investments.


Executive Board
CEO Achim Plate
Achim Plate

Chief Executive Officer

CIO Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt

Chief Investment Officer

Supervisory Board
Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch
Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Oliver Heine, Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats
Oliver Heine

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Prof. Wolfgang Henseler
Prof. Wolfgang Henseler

Supervisory Board Member

Jörg Ohlsen
Jörg Ohlsen

Member of the supervisory board

Peter Zahn Aufsichtsratsmitglied Lloyd Fonds
Peter Zahn

Member of the supervisory board

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